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Comics I like:

Fate Martyr Sapheire:  This is a beautiful fantasy drama by one of my very best friends. Gorgeous art, and story to match.

10K Commotion: My current favorite comic. Astounding artwork with full out color, and a really engaging storyline to match. It's all about DDR, which I have never really played, but It's so good that that doesn't even make a difference to me. READ IT OR AN ELEPHANT WILL STEP ON YOUR HEAD.

Natura Morta: Beautiful comic with romantic artwork. A compelling vampire story with some very dynamic characters. It's morbidly adorable,  and your eyes will beg you for more.

White Ninja: Funny in that off the wall kinda way. These are the comics that I print out and put up in places to make me happy. 

Nova Next Exit: I forget how I found it, but I'm so glad I did! I spent about 3 days reading all the archives, and I worship! It's about a couple of bands and their tomfoolery. The main band is made up of hot guys. ROCK! My words do no justice. You really need to read it to understand.

Sluggy Freelance:  This comic is good for everyone. It was the first webcomic I ever read, and I truly believe it legitimizes the medium. It's really the best. There's so much to read, and it's hilarious! Pete Abrams is my hero!

Exploding Dog: This is a really neat site. The guy takes phrases emailed to him by his readers, and turns them into really cool pictures using his tablet. It's very therapeutic to look through the archives.

Kagerou: A fabulous full color comic! (The colors are so so pretty, too!) There is lots of goofiness, violence, and even a bit of romance! Beautiful art and surreal storylines make it one of my favorites.

Diesel Sweeties: The ONLY pixelated comic I have ever loved. There's quirky humor, romance, some very insightful social commentary, and sometimes even laugh out loud funny all rolled into one. Also, the name is very appealing to me. I can only hope that someday, that term could be used to describe me.

Reveillerie: A very curious little comic indeed. When I found this one, I read through it in one sitting, and fell in love. Lovely artwork with sublime colors, and a totally engaging fantasy setting which is unbelievable, yet it feels so real. A sweet story as well, involving a fairy girl and a librarian. 

Ctrl+Alt+Del: A funny gamer/roommates comic that updates every weekday. Nicely drawn in color, and always good for a laugh.

As If!: This comic is really really sweet! There are great emotions, and expressions, and it's *so* *girly*! Best of all, the whole thing is set in the 80's! That's hard to beat. 

Flipside: This a nice manga about fantasy adventures. It's main characters are both really strong women, which I think is really cool! Be sure to check it out!

Be Mine: Very girly webcomic full of intrigue and romance. I just love this sort of stuff.

Incubus: A really interesting comic about succubi and arranged marriages in the late 1800's. Check it out.

State of Euphoria-Rules of Make-Believe is every bit as neat as the title sounds. It's a good fighting comic, where all the fighting is done in a virtual reality game that was well-thought out by the author. The art is really high quality in comparison to the average webcomic. Even more interesting, it is read from right to left, just like Japanese books. I really dig the change of pace! ^_^

Ashfield Online: This comic is hilarious in that morbid, twisty kind of way. That's why I love it so much. The guy really only uses one picture, but it continues to be funny and innovative. 

Made in Heaven: A fledgeling comic, but it has a really nice start to it. Loaded with lots of intense moments and dead people! Woo!

Kay the Cookie Jar Dragon: What can I say? It's just too cute.

Two Points of View: This is about twins and their separate points of view. It's really funny, and there's a guy who speaks in leet! Lots of funny shounen-ai and rpg references!

The Life of Riley: A hilarious mix of roommates including some computer guys, vampires, half-succubi, etc., and their tomfoolery. This one makes me laugh all the time.

Return to Sender:  This comic is awesome. It's so bizarre, and that's what makes me really love it.

Ghost 2138: This is a great masculine comic. Whenever you get sick of girly comics like mine, this will give you your fill of violence and goofy guys.

Eversummer Eve:  Another really professional looking comic. Great story and beautiful art. 

Checkerboard Nightmare: This is a nice, funny, surreal strip. It kinda reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes, only instead of Calvin and Hobbes, there are killer robots and a cute guy wearing checkerboard clothes. Careful, you'll read this one all day.

Strings of Fate: This is gorgeous and captivating. It has a really original Chinese zodiac based plot that keeps you reading.

Legend of the Four: Manga-style comic with a neat alternate universe built in! There's lots of magic and other races and stuff! Neat to read.

Ghost Hunters: A really nice manga comic with a good, epic storyline. Pretty art, and really cute characters.

 Place in Between:  Captivating story with a really professional look. I could read this all day.

Penny Arcade: This is a funny gamer-comic. I'm not a big gamer, and I really don't understand all the jokes, but it still makes me laugh out loud. 

RPG World:  This comic makes fun of everything in RPGs ever! You can't go wrong with that.

Tuesday: This is a really sweet little comic that makes me smile.

Cosmic Dave: Funny comic with exceptional stick figures. I never knew how much a stick figure could do before I read this.



Other comics which I have not read yet, but they obviously have good taste, cause they linked me:

Nimancer: The author of this said such nice things about me in her links page, I just had to return the favor! 

Sara and David: 3d anime web comic. Looks neat.

Golden Age: Fun fantasy adventure comic. I should read it.


Non-comic sites to check out:

Astro Nerd Boy's Comic Strips: A big, mega list of comics. It updates pretty often, so it's a good resource.

Online Comic Artist Directory: This is a really helpful page when you are looking for any kind of comic. It keeps a list of just about every online comic ever made, with nice comic profiles with samples  to look through. 

Dancing Paul: This site makes me so happy! Just go there.

The Spark: This site is full of fun stuff, like pointless tests and funny articles. It also has the captivating, yet disgusting, science projects that should never have been performed. Beautiful! This site will keep you occupied for days!

Real Ultimate Power: A hilarious site about ninjas. I laughed so much I almost peed my pants.

Wheel Work by Chris: This is the guy in the German Wheel in Cirque du Soleil's Quidam. What he does is SO awesome. If you ever get a chance to see Quidam in person, I highly recommend it.



Check them out!


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