About Kelly

I'm drawing a tiny gator.

Birthday: October 16, 1980 (I'm a Libra-Monkey!)

My toenails are: a strange color labelled "oil slick"

Song I'm listening to right now: San Fernando Sex Star by Butch Walker

I like: to spin around a lot. It makes me feel nice.

I don't: trust anyone who can be absolutely sure of anything. I also don't like to vomit.

A word I made up is: trasheaf. It's sort of an insult, I think. It's pronounced "trash-heef."

I have: never had my legs chewed off by kangaroos.

Anything else you wanna know? Contact me: ICQ me, My number is 12580101, or email me at vagrantviv@hotmail.com.

My myspace page is this. My live journal is this.

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Please do not steal my characters and ideas and such. I have the copyright, so you won't get away with it. 
If you try to steal them, I will make you turn into a zombie pirate who doesn't have an eyepatch or a peg leg. (why would you even exist?)
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