There's not much here yet, but if you guys want to see more, let me know at!


This is the Vivian desktop background:   1024x768          or            800x600

                        And this one is Katrina:   1024x768         or            800x600



Feel free to send me fanart! It makes me super happy! Newer fanarts are at the top.

Much love for Allie Perez, and her darling portrait of the fork princess looking very flustered. Wonder what's on her mind...

Another cute picture by Lea the Otter. There's Devrin and Shencha at it again. Oh, those boys!

Lea the otter is at it again! This is a cute drawing of Devrin begging Viv for a kiss, but she refuses because Shencha +Vivian= no feelings for Devrin.

 This is a lovely piece by the Magi. Doesn't Vivian look like one tough cookie? She's up to something, and I like it that way.

  Here's a darling little image of Vivian drawn by the lovely and talented Coralie. Check out her comics here and here!

  WOW! Here's the FIRST EVER chibi drawing of Vivian! So cute! Also by Lea the Otter.

Here's a lovely work showing Vivian flying amidst some of the blue stuff and some of the gold stuff. Lovely, lovely, by Lea the Otter.

  Exceptional MS Painting of Vivian by the lovely and talented Kchan. I can't get over how she managed to make such a beautiful piece with MS Paint. 

Here is the first ever Vivian doll! Skillfully crafted by the lovely and talented Sarah. Isn't it just too cute for words?

  WOW! Super AMAZING fanart of Vivian! She's up to her shenanigans with forks again. Superb fanart by Brion Foulke of Flipside fame.

  Colorful fanart of Vivian, from Mango Girl. Beautiful profile view on a windy day! 

  Splendid fanart of Aldrim, the dead guy, from Alice J. Gheiss of Fate Martyr Sapheire!

  Magnificent fanart of Vivian by Rachle! Argh, she draws better than I do!

  This is a  fanart of Vivian from Stephanie S! A pretty full body shot of Vivian sitting! Color! Yay!

  This is a  fanart of Vivian from Nissa, gorgeous and in color!

This is my first fanart ever! I am so happy!  ^_^ This is a fanart of Devrin by Ed Adams, who draws Cursed Elemental Nuuva


Random Paintings

These are pictures of my paintings that are lying around, or tacked to my walls. I took these pictures with my little cammy from my own vantage point (which is short, yo), and my shaky hands make some of them blurry. Oh, well. I hope you can get the idea, anyway. If I get many requests, I'll try to take some better pictures. Love these well, as some of them are very personal.


This is a collage I made. The text says "My Dear, the thing that sets you apart from the others is your brilliant smile"



Stuff I've Drawn

This is a pretty picture of Lawrence.      I drew this with a popsicle stick and a lighter.      This is an early picture of Lawrence. I just couldn't get him to look right until I drew this one.      This is Vivian with conjoined elbows and braided legs. I'm weird, I know.      I love this picture! It's Lawrence cooking spaghetti. Doesn't he look so cute?     This is a nice color portrait of Katrina. I made it with a tablet!     This is the portrait of Alex to match the one I did of Katrina. I am so sleepy. 


Fanart I've Drawn for Others


Tonbo!This is Princess Tonbo from Kagerou. This picture was my first real painting effort with my new tablet. I love this picture so much. Which is appropriate, cause I love the comic I drew it for.

This is a pretty picture of Lawrence.  This is Alex, from Ghost2138! It doesn't really make any sense, but it felt right at the time I was drawing it.


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All paintings are copyrighted. Please do not steal my characters and ideas and such. I have the copyright, so you won't get away with it. 
If you try to steal them, I will make you turn into a zombie pirate who doesn't have an eyepatch or a peg leg. (why would you even exist?)
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