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Friday , September 9 , 2005


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4-21-05: I'm not dead, but I have been making boobie sculptures. Click here if you are old enough to look at boobies.

11.17.04: Sorry about the lack of updates. I really am not feeling it anymore. I think I've outgrown my comic. It doesn't seem good to me anymore. See, originally, I just threw it together as something that would keep me artistic after I graduated art school. My main reason for making it was very selfish, I just wanted my art skills not to atrophy. I mean, look at how much more often I update my doodle journal than I do my comic. It's a lot more work to update my doodle journal, too.  I think I want to make a new comic. One that I make just because I really like it. I haven't worked on this thought at all yet, so I'm going to keep up this one until the something better formulates. This whole feeling may blow over, too, I guess we'll see. Until then, enjoy today's update!

*2nd update! New doodle journals up today, too!

10.01.04: This.

9.30.04: Full dump on the doodle journal today. You're up to date as of what happened early this morning in my life. My friend Nate (the guy who thinks my tables like to smear ranch on their assholes) turned me on to this band, The Faint. Go check out their jams. Or don't. I don't really care either way. I hope your last day of September is enjoyable. 

9.26.04: Finally the comic is back after a super long hiatus. Note the full splendiforus color, and how wondrous it is. It will be the only one (thanks mom). I may do some more just cause, because I really like how it looks in color. It just takes forever to do. I'm going to still keep the little paypal donation thingie (look to the left!), just in case someone feels like donating money to the cause of me, and things I like to spend money on. If anyone is so inclined, I'll send you a little sketch or something as a gift. 

9.23.04: Sorry I've been gone so long, but my roommate's puppy chewed through my ethernet cable, leaving me disconnected. I'm back now. Just a doodle journal update today, and the new page is to come. It's probably about 60% finished at this point. 

9.06.04: Just some updates to the doodle journal today. Mmmyep. My kung fu school is having a fundraiser for St. Jude's Children's Hospital. I think that preventing kids from dying of terrible diseases is a good cause, so I decided to participate. If anyone would be willing to make a small donation to me (to in turn hand over to St. Judes), I would be willing to make a comic page in full astounding color. Donations can be made in increments of $5.00. REITERATION: for each 5 dollar donation you make, I will make a page in color. Please do this on impulse, as this fundraiser ends Saturday (9-11). Remember, you're saving kids lives, you superhero. Donations can be made here: ---(fundraiser is over)--- Totally unrelated, here's this neat thing that helps you decide who to vote for. I found it very interesting. Also, I'm sure you've heard of it, but Tiny Sepuku is just too adorable. That is all. Cheerio.

8.25.04: DOODLE JOURNAL DUMP! As of the time I'm writing this, I have uploaded every doodle journal to date. Don't worry, I'll be making more. Also, you've got another painting instead of a comic. I have mixed feelings about this one. Send me an email at vagrantviv@hotmail.com and let me know what you think.

8.18.04: I lost my phone last night. I am devastated. Don't expect any calls from me for a while. 

8.11.04: Doodle journal again. I'm almost caught up to date now. Huzzah!

8.09.04: Another quickie update to the doodle journal, cause I can't sleep. I'm gonna go try again right now. Sweet dreams, everyone.

8.7.04: A couple more pages in the doodle journal, just cause Snaps said I wouldn't. Take that, Snaps. I also started putting stars on the newest entry, so that should help you to navigate a little better.

8.6.04: This whole doodle journal thing is really addicting. I wonder if I've created a monster. I can't even find enough time to scan and post all the pages I've done, and then I keep making more. It's kind of awesome being too productive. 

Back in comic land, doesn't Lawrence look adorable with his head all bandaged up? 

In real life, I saw Butch Walker, American Hi Fi, and Val Emmech the other day. It rocked so hard (You'll see as soon as I get my doodle journal up to date). You can watch Butch's new video on his site. Then, American Hi Fi has their whole new album up on their website, so go have a listen if you're so inclined. 

7.31.04: More updates to the doodle journal. I've got quite a few pages to still put up, but I need to go to work. 

7.26.04: In case you managed to miss the huge link above, I've put up my doodle journal. Check it out and let me know what you think.

7.14.04: I've found the way to release my creativity. I've been keeping a little doodle journal, not unlike that of Todd Webb. I fully recommend everyone to do it. It feels good. I may put some of it up for you to see later. 

7.07.04: No updates is terrible, hm? I suffer from withdrawl, but not severe enough to prod me into a productive state. Do you ever get the feeling when all of your creative forces build up in you, to the point of being uncomfortable, but you aren't quite sure how to let them out? Rest assured that I suffer in my languid state.

6.20.04: Sorry about the filler. I usually draw the comic at work, but I'm scared to because there are new bosses now. I'll get back into the swing of things soon. However, it's gonna be at least another week before then, cause I'm flying to Minnesota for the "family campout," or "constant mild intoxication week." It's a rockin' good time. Till I get back, go check out my good friend's comic, Star Dot Star. Also, definitely go watch the latest episode (season 2 episode 4) of Something to Be Desired. I'm totally an extra in it, for about a three seconds! ROCK!

6.13.04: The internet is truly an amazing thing. A very talented person dies, and zounds of people that have never so much as heard his voice will deeply mourn him. I can't even fathom what he looked like, but I find myself tearing up, my throat constricting. I know nothing about him, except that the world is a dimmer place without him. Go here, and read "steps to enMICHAELment," or don't, cause it will make you realize how wonderful he was, and then you'll be sad that he's dead.  I hope that now, after all is said and done, he somehow comprehends how much he was worth.

6.03.04: I'm beginning to really hate waitressing. I NEED to find a new job. A real job. One that will make my mom proud. Anyway, I'm a talented young lady in the Pittsburgh area. I'll play freelance if you want. Hire me, or at least tell your friends to. GO!

5.26.04: Hi friends. I was in a car accident last night. It was pretty scary. Everyone walked away with minor injuries, but I got a little shook up, you know? Also, I have a terrible headache and a little bit of nauseum. Anyway, the most  fun part was where the people in the other car bolted. They got in a van and drove off. Apparently they were driving a stolen rental car! WEEE! Dr. drunk guy on the stoop told me that I may have sustained a concussion, so I slept sitting up. Even better is this: I still made it to kung fu today, headache and all! I am so awesome. On a totally unrelated subject, my new favorite expletive is "Balls!" I think it's hilarious.



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